The Mid-KS CAP Board of Directors is looking for new members, ESPECIALLY local public elected officials, or their representatives. For more information, or guidance on submitting  a letter of interest, email us today.

It can happen to anyone. In fact, it has happened to most of us. 

A sudden and unexpected job loss. The breakup of a home. An illness. Personal crisis leading to economic upheavals as diverse as they are devastatingly painful. One bad circumstance can lead to another as stress and debt lead to untreated stress and unpaid debt. 

At the Mid-Kansas Community Action Program, we understand that facing poverty isn't just a lack of money. It's a lack of resources, the pangs of hunger, the cold of another Kansas winter with no heat. Poverty is the insecurity and fear that a once productive life is heading down a dark tunnel toward homelessness, or worse. 

At the Mid-Kansas Community Action Program, we understand facing poverty can make a person feel like they have nothing to contribute. We know that isn't true, but we believe the loss of the potential contributions of thousands of Kansans is a loss that is eventually felt by everyone. So it is in everyone's best interests to do all that we can to restore those lives. That is why we provide a comprehensive array of services in our service area. From intervention to keep families in their homes, providing shelter when there is not, or guiding training to lay the foundation for a successful future, the tools we offer prevent the pervasive impact of poverty. 

At the Mid-Kansas Community Action Program, we understand that poverty is a challenge that any of us could face, but none should have to overcome alone. With us, you can join the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have found the means, skills and assistance to restore lives and redeem hope. 

At the Mid-Kansas Community Action Program, we understand.